1. 3D. stockholm.

  2. itsyourmove. grimsby.

  3. andrew. germany.

  4. partnersforlife. toronto.

  5. glovesoff. berlin.

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  7. lindsay. prague.

  8. burnedtracks. london.

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  11. abovemountaintops:

    This edition of Life Behind a Lens officially marks the first shooter of photos outside of the United States!  Pretty cool, I know.  It is my pleasure to  share with you the work of AJ Vaage, a fellow traveler originally from Edmonton, Alberta currently holding it down in the beautiful city of Toronto.  Shooting everything and anything, I love this collection of photos because of the natural progression from a sunset in rural Canada, to the urban bustle of London.

    AMT: Burrito or Taco? Why?
    AJ: Burrito. Hands down. It’s mostly that I hate tacos.  Hard shell tacos? Ya right. Show me one person who has tried to eat a hard shell taco and it hasn’t ended in a shattered mess on their plate. Soft shell tacos are just small burritos that are not neatly wrapped. Also, one taco won’t fill somebody but one good burrito is a meal. I’m very passionate about this.

    AMT: What is your favorite lyric from the last song that you listened to?
    AJ: “If a mortal stands before us / strike him down with sleight of hand / and if heaven rides against us / then God himself must be damned” Bone Marrow by Protest the Hero.  The outro of the song (and end of the act on the album) is written in iambic pentameter. Mind-boggling.

    AMT: Why do you shoot film?
    AJ: There are so many reasons why I prefer film. The natural grain of film alone is so warm. I relate it to a vinyl record versus a cd; it’s obviously similar but there is a subtle difference that puts them worlds apart.  There is a different kind of trial and error when you have 24 exposures that you can’t check versus shooting raw on a 16gb card. Film makes you work for it and it’s incredibly rewarding when you get your negatives back and you see that the moment you wanted to capture is all there exactly how you wanted.  I love the anticipatory feeling I get after I see the shutter snap through the viewfinder because I’ve taken a calculated gamble with an unquantifiable quality.  Holy smokes, I sound pretentious…

    Name: AJ Vaage
    Camera(s): My dad’s Fujica ST801
    Film: Currently Kodak Tri-X 400 but I’ll shoot on pretty much anything
    Website: http://thingsonfilm.tumblr.com/

    As always, if you would like your photos featured on Life Behind a Lens head on over to my contact page for more information.

  12. pensive. edmonton.

  13. lover’squarrel. toronto.

  14. mydadismorpheus. edmonton.

  15. lesleyandchristine. edmonton.